I'm one of the many people that the DWP shut off their electricity and water for months. We lived like homeless people in our own home due to DWP's billing scandal which they blamed on a new company taking over their billing system but was in actuality their own fault. These misbillings are something they have done repeatedly in the past and continue to do.

I did not know Mr. Landskroner but I do know a little something about law offices and $10 million dollars of work with absolutely no discovery is a definite headscratcher. How in the world do you do $10 million dollars of work without asking for any documentation or evidence from anyone?

All I know is that I had repeated letters to the LA City Attorney's Office with dismissive answers even though we had proof of misbillings. Feuer needs to be disbarred and this guy seems to have passed on before that could happen to him.

My goodness - anyone who touches this office seems to get their hands dirty.

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This is in poor taste, why would you write anything. This man is not here to tell his part of what happened. This wonderful man has done so many good things to help others. His family is grieving his 86 year old Mother his kids and all this letter is with out him able to respond is you guessing. Do you realize what you wrote? Have some respect for a family that has been through enough.

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Feb 6, 2022·edited Feb 6, 2022

Justin Kloczko - you're a disgrace of a human being. You should be ashamed of yourself. Re-read the first sentence of your own article. Now re-read it again. Why would you put so much time and energy into writing an article about someone who lost their life to cancer? This article speaks volumes to your character and one day, I'm certain your audience will see right through you. You're a disgrace of a human being and I'll say it again in case you are incapable of understanding - you should be ashamed of yourself.

P.S. I recommend changing your professional photo on your profile. It would appear that you are likely still living in your parents basement. Which maybe explains the lack of character, hence the poorly written article.

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My name is Emma Landskroner. I am one of Jack Landskroner's daughters. While researching my dad's numerous professional accomplishments for an essay I am writing, I came upon this poorly written article.

Your negative portrayal of my dad was profoundly painful to read. I pray that my three younger siblings - the youngest being only 15, never come across your inaccurate words. Because you have grossly chosen to attack the character of someone who is no longer with us, someone who is incapable of defending themself, I feel obligated to speak up.

It is clear that you did not know my dad, and I agree, the media does tend to memorialize terrible people and forget the bad, but Jack Landskroner was by far NOT one of those people. My dad accomplished too much to be wrongfully slandered.

After years of firsthand getting to watch Jack Landskroner take on countless cases, his primary objective always remained the same: to represent and fight for the underdog. Jack fought injustices and demanded justice for those who lacked the proper recourses to fight for themselves. He was a godsend to so many people.

In and out of the courtroom, my dad was a hero. Professionally, he dedicated his life to fighting bad guys. He worked tirelessly on significant lawsuits, including the "Caged Kids" case, where he helped 11 children from ages 1-14, forced to sleep in cages, obtain $2 million in the settlement. While working on this case, I recall my dad coming home from work exhausted, emotionally and physically. He cared so much about the people he represented and gave his all to every case he took on.

When my dad was not spending time with us kids, he was an active community member who dedicated his spare time to making Cleveland a safer place. On the weekends, you could find my dad handing out gun locks in Tower City, going door to door delivering lead testing kits to residents living in older homes, or doing work for the non-profit organization he started to protect the interests of at-risk kids living in the Greater Cleveland Area. My dad was the epitome of generosity, spending every December 23rd at one of Cleveland's Battered Women's Shelters, putting on a holiday concert for the displaced families living there. These are all things my dad did outside of work, things he did because he was an unbelievably caring and benevolent human being, the type of person you only dream of befriending.

Jack Landskroner was the most beautiful soul I have ever had the privilege of knowing. Did he make mistakes? Maybe. Like both you and I, he was only human. But I can tell you that my dad did more good than most people ever do in their entire lifetime. He should be remembered for what he was, an exceptional lawyer, an incredible friend, and the BEST father.

With that said, out of respect for my family, I ask you to take this inaccurate article down. Thank you.

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